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Grilled Tater Tot Bombs

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs - 14

The guys from have done it again with this amazing appetizer recipe. It would be a home run at your next Super Bowl party. Did I mix my metaphors again? The Grillin’ Fools use our products all the time and are big fans just as we are of what they do with them on the grill. Check them out for the original post for the Grilled Tater Tot Bombs recipe (as this is an abbreviated post) or for any grilling recipe. They have a TON of content over there. I’ll hand it over to Scott Thomas, the Original Grillin’ Fool…Read More

Sausage Fatty


Of all the recipes I have tried, this is your chance to be the most creative. The options for this really are endless. The sausage fatty has been around for quite sometime, and I have done these before but wanted to bring you the process. A sausage fatty is just ground sausage that can either be stuffed or plain. For this purpose, I did both a sweet and a spicy roll. The first one I did was a breakfast roll. I combined maple sausage, green peppers, onions, and scrambled eggs.  Make sure that any ingredients you are using are prepared…Read More

Moink Balls – The Easy Appetizer

Finished Moinks

Moink Balls are without a doubt the easier appetizer to ever make.  The ingredients, preperation and preparing take mere minutes, but they taste absolutely delicious. Moink Balls are aptly named (moo + oink) because the ingredients are meatballs, bacon, and then whatever else you want to add.  In this case, I decided to add some rib rub, along with a choice of three sauces (BBQ sauce, Red Currant Jelly, and a Pepper Relish)  I chose to server these on the side to let everyone decide their favorite flavor.  Turns out, sauces were not necessary, as meatballs wrapped in bacon are fantastic. I think with a lot of the recipes…Read More

Homemade Jalapeno Poppers

Finished Poppers

The trick to jalapeno poppers is making them so the cheese doesn’t run out.  My wife (who will be now knows as Mrs. CBQue) found this cool popper tray at Lake of the Ozarks.  The best part is that these came with poppers already made.   Since I already decided to eat those, I had to make some more to show you the process. These are actually really simple to make.  There are only 5 ingredients used to make them (see ingredients above.)   I took the cream cheese, cheddar cheese and enough Chipotle Tabasco (to taste) and put them into a…Read More