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Jakey in June Competition


I had an opportunity to join up with a competition team and partner up for a another competition..  Big O Dang O is a one man team run by Aaron Moore.  He invited me to come out to Jakey in June in St Jacob, Illinois.  Jakey in June is a non sanctioned event, but is an absolute blast. This competition covers all categories (brisket, shoulder, ribs, and chicken) but also includes a dessert and margarita competition.  It also has a kids grilling competition, which I think really gets families involved. This year there were 27 teams entered into the competition. …Read More

Grilled Pizza


Most of the articles I write are something that I have tried before, but every now and then I like to try something new.  I had never tried grilled pizza before but decided to jump in and give it a shot.  This time was a trial and error method to see what I could make and it helped me show you the best methods. I decided that I wanted to make grilled pizza and apparently there are numerous ways to make dough, so I decided to try the 3 methods that I could find at a grocery store.  I will go…Read More