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Perfectly Seasoned Pork Loin


Do you want something easy to do?  If so, stop by Edwardsville Quality Meats and tell them you want their seasoned pork loins.  I will be writing up a review of their store but I had to get this one posted to the website. I wanted to do something new for the website and when I walked into Quality Meats, the man behind the counter suggested a pork loin with their house seasoning.  He pulled out two pork loins and the special seasoning he had behind the counter.  He rolled them both in the seasoning and wrapped them up.   I would suggest…Read More

Stuffed Pork Chops


In order to do stuffed pork chops you need to start with a thick cut pork chop and butterfly it before adding the stuffing.  The good news for me is that the Troy Meat Processing that I bought these from already had cut them butterfly and these were monster chops. If the pork chop is not butterflied simply lay it flat and cut it horizontally about 80-90% through.  This gives you enough space to open up the pork. In this case, I choose freshly sliced mozarella and pepperoni as my stuffing.  I opened up the chop and used a 1/2…Read More

Smoking Ribs 101

Ribs glazed

The guys at work have been wanting me to bring in some BBQ, and since I didn’t have a ribs post, I figured this was the perfect time to get everyone a post on the basics of doing ribs. Ribs are the most fun to do because there are hundreds of flavors that you can use.  You can read articles for days about which ingredients are the best to use, but when it comes down to it, everyone does the same basic steps.  The flavor profile is the main thing that differentiates a good rib from a bad rib. I…Read More

Pulled Pork – Starting with Something Simple

Finished Pork

Pork shoulder, I feel, is the simplest of things to make on the smoker.  If you can keep a consistent temperature there really isn’t much to do until it is done. In order for a pork shoulder to be turned into pulled pork, it has to reach an internal temperature of an 190 degrees.  You can count on your shoulder taking about 1 1/2 hour per pound.  Everyone asks “How long until it is done” and the answer to that question is that BBQ is done when it gets done.  Each piece of meat reacts differently, so there is no…Read More